Forgotten Independence

Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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“I nee’ help” Lincoln says.

“Give it a shot,” I encourage.

“I don’t want to. I nee’ help.”

Linc is frequently asking for help with things he has done on a regular basis himself before. Going potty, getting undressed, and washing his hands are all things I’ve seen him do (and I think he does for himself at school). But, when my husband and I are around, he usually asks for help.

We used to help, but soon figured out he asks for help because we help. Now, we encourage him to try or go in steps, like first, get to the since, second, turn the water on, etc.

He’ll be three on Monday, and I’m guessing this is a phase like most unexplainable things have been. Have you experienced this? This “regression” of independence?

Erin Hill is a ErinHillfirst-time mom to Lincoln, who was born in January 2010. She's learning as she goes and is experiencing everything a new mom goes through while seeing the humor, irony, and enjoyment in her adventures.

Erin is a full-time technical writer, a freelancer for Patch, and co-creator and blogger at She lives in Plum with Lincoln, her husband, Adam, their dog, Roxie, and five (yes, five) cats, Nirvana, Gary Roberts, Elvis, Talbot and Forrest. (Anyone want a cat?)


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