Trick or Orange: Healthier Treats are Popular

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photo10This was his first year at his new school for Halloween and since his school is in a vocational school, the kids get to trick-or-treat to the classrooms and collect goodies. The kids also had a party that parents could choose to send something in for. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Lincoln’s haul.

I worried that all those classrooms and treats from his friends would equal a big load of candy with a sprinkle of things like crackers and pretzels. Not that I assume people don't want to hand out non-candy things, but I just figured Halloween is a candy-infused holiday so that's what he'd get. No biggie. Whatever.

Look at that picture over there, though – a tiny pile of candy (right) and several packages of pretzels, fruit snacks, animal crackers, Annie’s Organic grahams, a cereal bar, applesauce and, my most favorite, and orange. An orange!! I love it! Sure, the fruit snack and animal crackers may be just as unhealthy as the candy, but people were thinking outside of the box here.

I have to find out who sent the oranges in. He/she is my soul sister/brother.

I sent in these (mandarin oranges with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them. Thank you, Pinterest):


I get made fun of by my friends a lot for the stuff I send in with Lincoln for occasions such as this and when he’s responsible for bringing in snacks. I get told Lincoln will be the “weird” kid in class because he's taking in whole wheat banana bread or pretzels and homemade applesauce. I may get made fun of by the other parents there, too, but I don’t know. I don’t really care. I don’t think “snacks” or “treats” mean candy or chips, and it seems like a lot of people don’t think that either. YAY!

Lincoln will get to eat his Halloween candy, don’t worry. I’m just glad he doesn’t have a whole bunch to choose from.

Have you ever sent in or given something on the healthy side as a treat/snack for your kids and their friends? Are you giving out candy or something else this year?

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