How My Son Learned To Read

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He loves books.

He's reading way beyond his 2nd grade level.

Today alone, he finished a book and did a simple book report for school, picked up a very abridged version of "A Christmas Carol" and read it in one sitting, and then started reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever."

When my daughter, who is now 11, was younger than my son, we would read piles upon piles of books at night. I had Baby Einstein flashcards. I was "teaching" all. the. time. I think I burned her out. At around 7.

But my son?

He's a second child.

And just like his scrapbooks that are far from finished. I don't remember the bedtimes filled with piles of books. Yes, we read. And we had a tradition of reading chapter books out loud. (I say had because sadly, those times seem to be changing . . .) But my time with my son hasn't been nearly as structured and consistent as it was with my daughter.

And yet, ALAS, he reads! It was last fall when he was introduced to "Frog and Toad", and then quickly graduated to The Magic Treehouse series, which he soon grew bored with ,("It's the same story over and over, only they travel in time.") And then, by spring, out came, "How To Eat Fried Worms", topped off with the first Harry Potte book. How does that happen in a matter of months?! I will say he had a GREAT 1st grade teacher. I couldn't have been more pleased. But, my role????

I have found myself a little forlorn about this, "I didn't do anything . . ."

And, at the same time, amazed - "I didn't do anything!"

It's fascinating to me. That a child can figure it out, break the code, comprehend the words. And humbling, because I am NOT ALL THAT, (fancy finger snap)- like I thought I was.

I hope he doesn't lose his interest in reading. It seems like allowing it to happen organically has worked for him up until now, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

Which is . . . um . . . accompanying him to the library.

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