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Now that my kids are getting a little bit older (6 and 7) we're trying out new things to do.  They're not quite old enough to go off with friends or completely entertain themselves, but they're a little too old for some of the kids play places around town.

Long before we had kids, my husband and I were fans of Dave & Busters. We would often go with other friends for dinner, drinks and games. I have very fond memories of my friend Amie and I shooting dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park game and screaming so loudly we gathered a crowd.  Those were good times.

Fast forward to today and we still enjoy Dave & Busters with the kids (and sometimes without them on Date Night). So when they contacted me and asked if we'd come in to see the new renovations I was all for it (I guess it's been a while since we'd been there as I didn't even realize they were renovating).

For those of you that have never been, Dave & Busters is a huge dining and entertainment complex. They have a full bar, full-size dining room (even bigger now) and a massive room with games. They have games that cater to the young (things like the "roll the ball into the hole horse racing game" is a favorite with the young ones) to adults (car racing, Jurassic Park, a multi-player trivia game). Many of the games give tickets which can be redeemed for prizes. The prize selection is much more varied and practical than other places (we have gotten lamps, cups, basketballs, etc. there).

The night we went to check out the renovations, we were treated to dinner and games by the manager Marc, a wonderfully friendly British chap. He also gave the boys some gaming cards to allow them to check out the new games. Although we were compensated for this trip, the review I'm writing is my own opinion and not provided by the company.

The Food:

The menu at Dave & Busters is quite extensiveness, with several new items.  While visiting in December we had the Spinach Dip (Matthew nearly licked the bowl, it was very good), Steaks (which were good but not great) and  the kids had grilled cheese (a really fantastic buttery yet crunchy sandwich, one of the best grilled cheese's I've had).

When we visit we often like to take advantage of the Eat & Play Combo. While it limits your food choices, it's an excellent deal. For just $15.99 you can pick from on of 8 entrees (including BBQ Chicken, Shrimp, Cheeseburger, Pasta, Steak) and you'll receive a $10 game card. So that makes the meal only $5.99. You really can't beat that.
You can also "double it" and get a $20 power card for $25.99.  

While it's arguably not the best dining option in the Waterfront, it's convenient and cost effective for a family if you want to stay to play games.

The Games
Dave & Busters really has nearly every game you could think of, and some you never knew existed. I think our favorite game while we were there recently was the larger than life Connect Four.  It was so much fun to compete against each other or the computer.

Many of the games were ones that our kids recognized instantly from iPad apps or movies like a giant Fruit Ninja screen, Doodle Jump an Ice Age game. 

They were definitely games I hadn't seen anywhere else in the area including Speed of Light, a new SuperBooth photo booth and a giant stacker game.  

I admit that my husband and I had as much fun as the kids trying out the new games.

Other Entertainment

In addition to the game floor, Dave & Busters offers entertainment options for the older crowd. While it varies from location to location, the Waterfront D&B has pool tables, shuffleboard tables and big screen projection screens for watching sporting events including MMA fights and football games.


For those of you that have been to D&B before but are wondering how it's changed the answer is simple. The game room design has not changed (although many new games have been added). The main dining area has not changed. What changed is the bar area and seating area to the right of the bar which used to be pool tables. Both area are now very sleek and modern with an upscale sports theme.  They've removed the pool tables and put in more seating for individuals or larger groups. The giant screen sits right in the center, perfect for viewing the big game.

We were quite impressed by the renovations, although I do think it feels like three different places. The new, modern sports bar, the old school wood-walled restaurant and the game room. There doesn't seem to be a common theme or design linking them all together.  That doesn't really bother me, though.

The new menu, new games and renovations are definitely worth a trip out to the Waterfront to check out the place. And maybe, if you're lucky, you can even beat that darn computer at Connect Four.

Photos of Renovation


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