Fighting about what to fight about

Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in PittsburghMom

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My kids love each other.  They do. Really.

But sometimes you wouldn't know it.

Lately they've bee fighting. A lot.  By the end of the day they just seem to grate on each others' nerves and fight about everything.  In the morning, when they first wake up, they are the best of friends. They genuinely seem excited to see each other and can't wait to play together. But as the day wears on they fight about more and more things.

By the end of the day they're fighting about fighting.

The other day we were driving home and were fighting about something silly. When I asked them to stop fighting, they started fighting over who started fighting. Then it moved into fighting about whether or not they were actually fighting at all, and if they were, who was the one that was continuing to fight and who was not fighting.

It reminded me of the Barenaked Ladies song lyrics "thinking about what to think about".

And in addition to arguing, they've started "roughhousing". It starts out as a fun game, and always ends up with someone crying. They are getting bigger, so they're slaps and punches are starting to really hurt.

I never thought I'd be that mother to holler "When one of you gets hurt, don't come crying to me!"  And yet here we are...


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