Oh, Christmas Tree . . .

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Oh, Christmas Tree . . .

How tasty are your branches . . .

My dogs are destroying our beautiful $35 freshly cut tree. 

And then, puking up the evidence.

After a lovely day of picking out a tree, chopping it down ourselves and getting it home, we realized that we'd need to do minimal trimming this year since we were fearful our dogs would attack the ornaments. We had no idea.

First to be targeted were small stuffed snowmen that we thought we'd hung high enough. We didn't think that the puppies would simply climb on the back of the couch and sneak up on them. One by one they started disappearing. Some losing noses. Others, arms. It wasn't quite "The Walking Dead", but we had stuffed carnage.

Zane removed the remaining snowmen and rushed a few to the snowman "hospital" to get their arms taped back on. We designated the injured to our stuffed snowmen display on top of an armoire. Safe from canines.

My husband then rearranged our tree so that it still held a few ornaments

Only now, it looks ridiculous. And lopsided. Boring. Naked. It's a tree - that's for sure, but it's not a Christmas Tree like WE are used to having. It's blah.

The kids adore the dogs, so they aren't fretting about not having their favorite ornaments on the tree.

Or wrapped presents under it. No way I'm sticking the pile of stuff still in boxes underneath that deathtrap. All gifts have been relegated to a corner in my dining room. So festive.


Which, leads me to traditions . . . this year, one our ours was sunk. Due to our darling pups.

Usually we trim the tree heartily, turn off all the lights but the tree, and then run outside to look at it from the window. 

This year, after the snowman rescue effort, we trimmed our tree simply, with lights, a few red balls, a smattering of snowflakes (all at the top half), and Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Linus. End scene.

Sometimes we have to give up traditions - and for some people, that can be hard. I'm not digging the tree this year. We'll try again next year when the pups are older.

Does your family have any traditions that you've had to rearrange or drop completely? Is that hard for your family?

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