Good old fashioned playdates

Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in PittsburghMom

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My kids are on Spring Break this week.  That means we have about 8 days of staying home with nothing much planned. It's fabulous (except for the part where Mike and I have to work and we're juggling friends and babysitters, but that's fodder for another post).  During this break I've noticed that the boys are now old enough to really request playdates often (like every hour on the hour).

I've tried setting up a few things for later in the week with parents that live a bit farther away from us but I've also encouraged the kids to just go out and "see who's around" to play with.

You know what? Nobody is around. 

I watched my kids go door to door the other day asking if anyone could come out and play. They were denied door after door.  Mostly because kids have so many other activities going on. One had soccer practice, one was off to dance class.  Some had already set up more formal playdates with other friends.

I was so proud of them for actually walking door to door and knocking, asking politely, saying Thank you and going to the next house. Those are the kind of social skills I want them to hone.

The quest for a playmate ended with Matthew in tears. It broke my heart.

It makes me sad that we've lost some of the spontaneity in our children's lives. Everyone is so scheduled we have no time for good  old fashioned playdates.  

I recognize that it's just spring break and things might be different once summer comes. I sure hope so. I don't want my kids to grow up thinking that every social interaction they have has to be formally scheduled in advance.


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