Waiting out the phase

Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in PittsburghMom

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My son is currently sound asleep in my bed. Right on my side.

He's been like that every night for a couple of weeks.  Suddenly he wants to fall asleep in our bed every night with one of us laying next to him until he drifts off. If we try to leave too quickly, he pops up like a jack in the box and won't settle back down until he can snuggle himself up in the crook of my arm.

My husband and I have talked about how to approach this new "phase".

I'm currently in the "my babies are growing up too fast! Wah!" mindset and any extra snuggle time I get with them I count as precious. So I'm less likely to force him out of this particular phase than my husband is.

But it got me thinking. I'm usually more of a "wait and see" approach rather than a "nip it in the bud" approach to most of my kids' phases.  

I always say that if I've learned nothing about parenting, and if I could give any advice to a new mother it would be that kids are constantly changing. just when you think you've got them figured out, they change. Just when you have the perfect bedtime routine they change it. Just as fast as you've found a food they love, they just as suddenly hate it.  

So I think that's why I'm in the "ride out the phase" camp. It might be lazy or the path of least resistance, but typically if I just give it a little time, it changes on its own.

I'm not sure what my personal tolerance is for waiting. I supposed it depends on the particular habit. If it's something that's dangerous or disrespectful or disruptive, then I certainly will try and confront it asap. But if it's something like our current sleeping arrangements, I'll give it a few weeks. 

In the mean time, I'll breathe in those sweet little boy snuggles as long as I can get 'em.

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