Alike but yet so different

Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in PittsburghMom

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My kids are only 18 months apart. Because of their similar ages, they are alike in so many ways. They can share clothes, they are on the same sports teams, they like the same toys and television shows.

But when it comes to their personalities they are so very different. I knew the old adage that kids from the same families can be so different, but it's amazing to see it in my own house.

Matthew is sweet, sensitive, orderly. He likes math and facts and non fiction.

Ben is spunky, funny, creative.  He likes art and words and fiction.

I think it's truly the nature versus nurture question answered: Nature.

A couple of weeks ago we took them to a local art studio. They both chose the same project, but both had very different strategies for both design and execution. One was random, colorful. One was patterned  orderly.  I'm not sure I've ever seen their personalities so clearly displayed in a nutshell.

Can you tell which belongs to each kid?

Are your kids similar or completely different?

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