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A little over a year ago, some dear friends of mine surprised me on my birthday and took me to dinner. They showed up with great flourish. They all had huge sombreros, fake mustaches and noisemakers .  They whisked me away to a newly opened Mexican restaurant nearby where we received the red carpet treatment (the outfits surely helped). We laughed until we cried that night. It was a night I'll never forget.

That night our "International Dinner Club" was born.  It wasn't something we planned on at first, but the next birthday came a couple of months later and we decided to go to a Mongolian restaurant because it had just opened and we all wanted to try it.

Again, we laughed till we cried and had a wonderful evening together.  During dinner we realized that we'd done some new foods each time (I had never tried Fish Tacos before my Mexican dinner night, and we all tried the Mongolian for the first time).  We decided right then and there that we'd continue our new-found tradition and try a different country's food for every dinner.

So far we've tackled
and next week we're planning French.

Not only is this turning out to be a wonderful time with great friends  but it's been a great opportunity to try new restaurants and new foods. We all have loved just about everything we've tried and it's really opened our eyes to new flavors and dishes.  We typically order several different appetizers and/or entrees and all share everything so we get to taste it all.

I treasure my little "International Dinner Club" more than words can say. It's important to me to take time out to spend time with friends and nurture good girlfriend relationships.  Without them I wouldn't have the sense of me and inner peace that I have.

I love that we have the typical "ladies night out" but with a specific twist. I recently read about another friend (in another city) that started a "Women's Adventure Club" with some friends. Each month they go do something fun and adventurous. Trips have included a haunted house and a drag queen show and future ideas involve zip lining and other exciting outings.  I am in love with this idea. 

I think once we've tackled our food around the world, we'll consider switching to an adventure club. I've never been bungee jumping ;)


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