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Both of my boys are playing soccer this fall.  We had such high hopes for soccer. They both love to run, kick and play with a team. We somewhat expected them to be naturals.

We were wrong.

I never have respected "screaming from the sideline" parents. And then I totally became one this weekend. It was painful to watch their games.

I'm not a competitive person and I really don't care whether they win or even score, I do admit to being so frustrated that Matthew just wasn't getting it.

While Ben shows some promise and is just really young, Matthew seems to be struggling.

I just don't think it's his sport. 

He seems to have the hardest time with going after the ball. He'd rather be social and chat with the other players on the field.  When someone does have the ball he just runs alongside them, smiling the whole way, but not trying to actually get the ball.  When he does have the ball, he gives it one big kick and doesn't understand the concept of passing or moving the ball down the field.  He's my social child. I think I now know why he enjoys running 5ks.  He finds someone to run next to and then chats them up for three miles.  :)

We've tried practicing with him and explaining it to him, but the just gets frustrated and defeated.  So then we turn into to the pacing, hollering parents on the sideline yelling at him to pass it or kick the ball.

I don't need him to be great. I just wish he wasn't *so* bad.  ;)

In the grand scheme of things, I'm not too concerned - the season is almost over and we can wait until next year if he wants to play again. I wouldn't ever want to discourage him from doing something he likes, but I also recognize that it'll get harder and harder for him to "fit in" if he's just not very good at a sport. And eventually, when they get older, they'll need to try out and actually have talent in order to play a sport.

I guess I just always assumed they'd be great at the things they tried or wanted to do. But not everyone is good at everything. Everyone has "their sport". And I just don't think soccer is it for us.

But what if he wants to? At what point do kids need to start being good? 

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