Horton Hears a Who--You to the Rescue

Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in Guest Blog

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The first toy in my favorite toy series, is the game I loved the most at Toy Fair last year. It is called Horton Hears a Who--You to the Rescue. It is so cute--it even comes with a elephant hat to wear!
Here is some of the reasons I liked it so much. When my daughter turned 3, she got 3 copies of Candyland at her birthday party (yes 3 copies, everyone thinks 3 is the magical age to start playing games). I was so excited that she was finally old enough to play games. Except she wasn't. She didn't understand the rules, she wanted to move all the pieces around. Didn't she know that she wasn't playing the game the right way! We were close to a fist fight right there in the basement. So who ever said that 3 year olds were ready for games, were just WRONG!
Someone needed to make a game where the rules can change, where kids don't have to wait for their turn very long, and that doesn't make them sit. Someone did! I Can Do That! Games has made a series of wonderful games for preschoolers (and even one for kids over 8). They are all based on Dr. Seuss Books.
Their Philosophy, if I may quote them is: "At I Can Do That! Games™, we believe that play is essential for the development of happy, healthy kids. Playing games is all about experiencing play with others. Taking turns, teaming up, helping each other, winning, and even sometimes losing are important life lessons we practice as we play games. I Can Do That! Games™ engage kids physically, socially, and creatively. They give kids a chance to discover and feel good about what they can do. In this way, they help promote positive self-esteem and self-confidence. Best of all, they’re incredibly FUN for the whole family! In a world where face-to-face family time is becoming increasingly rare, we believe that playing great games together is more important that ever."
Did you read that FUN--not fights. In Horton Hears a Who--You to the Rescue you go on a wild adventure to save the Whos! Put on the Horton hat and race around the house to find the clovers where the tiny Whos live. Pick them up with your trunk—then hurry back before time runs out! Here is my favorite part, there is a sand timer. When the sand runs out it is time for the next person to wear the hat. You don't need to tell them to share--the timer does it for them!
I was going to blog all about my philosophy about games, I have a lot of opinions. For those that know me well, will not be surprised by this statement. But you are lucky, I Can Do That! Games already did it for me. At http://www.icandothatgames.com/learn/ you can read all about the importance of games. They are very smart--I know this because they agree with everything I believe about games. They have other great games. You will want to buy them all. You can find all of these games at http://www.letkidsplay.com/store.html. (The Green Eggs and Ham game is exclusively at Toys R Us)
Stay tuned for tomorrow's great toy.

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