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Written by Heather Starr Fiedler. Posted in Guest Blog

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Hexabits and Puzzibits - what are they? If you are a visual learner you must go to their website, it is one of the best toy websites I've seen. If you would rather learn by reading, just continue...

The people at kidestore.co.uk has the best explanation. They are made from soft 100% RECYCLED plastic and are 6 sided , hexagonal shaped , plastic building pieces that are pliable and virtually indestructible. Using a patented interlocking design ( peg to loop weaving method ) you can build almost anything you can think of in 2D and even 3D designs. They are simple to play with and great fun and they can inspire the most creative of children. The possibilities are endless.

Puzzibits and Hexabits provide long lasting fun and have the added benefit of some educational value too. They can really provide a source of imagination and creativity.. For younger children they can not only build with Puzzibits and Hexabits but also learn colours, count with them , build and match patterns etc and older ones can also learn maths facts and really push their creative skills.They are wonderfully tactile and develop fine motor skills and dexterity.
Great fun and quite frankly "addictive" as once you start you'll not want to stop.

We had these at the Center for Creative Play--I had trouble putting them together--but none of the kids did. Some of them would play with them for hours. Since we used them over and over again, we had volunteers take them apart each night. They are NOT easy to take apart. Once your child makes a great piece of art, you might want to keep it awhile, before pulling it all apart.

By the way, there is no difference from Hexabits and Puzzibits, one is sold to the education market and the other sold to the retail market.

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