Is nowhere safe? No, nowhere.

Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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So now there’s a little boy in a bunker somewhere in Alabama?

I’m having a REALLY hard time believing my son in safe anywhere these days.

Random elementary school shootings, school bus intruders and kidnappers…everything I can think of and more. I’m driving myself crazy!

Previously, I’d hung on to a little hope that Lincoln was safe at preschool and with me at home. Now, I don’t really believe this much at all. In my opinion, nowhere is safe now. That makes me so sad.

Am I nuts? (Don’t answer that.)

No longer do I feel like the “that won’t happen to him” talk I give myself when I read of a horrible incident is enough to calm my nerves. I just don’t know how to settle my fears so that I don’t become the woman who locks her family up in their house. (Well, I won’t do that since I don’t feel safe in my house any way! ARG!)

How do you cope and deal with the possibility that something horrific could happen? Do you think about it? A lot?

I’m not obsessing. I can’t possibly. I’d be in tears the entire day and up all night. I think our minds know what could happen, but they just numb it down for us so we don't freak out! But, sometimes my mind wanders to crazy places. Scary places. I hate my mind. I hate this world sometimes. (I hate that I just said that.)

Erin Hill is a ErinHillfirst-time mom to Lincoln, who was born in January 2010. She's learning as she goes and is experiencing everything a new mom goes through while seeing the humor, irony, and enjoyment in her adventures.

Erin is a full-time technical writer, a freelancer for Patch, and co-creator and blogger at She lives in Plum with Lincoln, her husband, Adam, their dog, Roxie, and five (yes, five) cats, Nirvana, Gary Roberts, Elvis, Talbot and Forrest. (Anyone want a cat?)

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