I'm watching you...should I be?

Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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I went to a party recently where there were some kids (imagine that). The youngest was four and she was running around the party and having the time of her life. Her parents, who were related to the host and several other people at the party, were mingling with the adults – there were only two other kids there, and they were her brothers.

I turned to my husband and said, “I guess at four they can run around more by themselves at a party?”

I said this to him not out of judgment or surprise or anything like that. I was addressing a question we often have in these situations:

What’s the age that the kids can mingle independently with a crowd at a party?

Every time we’re at a party – a kids’ party, a get together, whatever – either my husband or I (or both) are not far from Lincoln, who just turned three. We’re not hovering (I don’t think), but we’re there in the same room or we have a visual from an adjoining room. Other kids are usually running around far from their parents off on their own agenda. These kids are mostly older than Linc or have a sibling that’s older they’re paling around with.

In a public space, it’s different. I’ll stick by him for as long as I want in public. But, in someone’s private house where we know everyone, when can he have some more space? I'm just used to hanging around (and I don't mind it at all).

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