Mommy and Daddy Bedtime Showdown

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Linc in bedThere was a showdown outside my son’s bedroom door on Tuesday night as he sat on his bed screaming and crying. My husband and I were whisper arguing back and forth about going in and not going in.

In this corner…ner…ner…weighing in at 200-some poundsssss…Adam…fighting for not going in!

Aaaaand his opponent…nent…nent…weighing in at none of your businessssss…Erin…fighting for going in!


I think it’s pretty obvious I’d be the one who wanted to go in and scoop Lincoln up to calm him down. I think it’s obvious, too, that a lot of you will tell me I’m wrong. That’s cool. I do a lot of things “wrong.” Also, I apologized for going against Adam’s thoughts on bedtime. I don’t think I’ve ever done the opposite of what he thought should be done with Lincoln until now.

Anyway, I went in. He was asleep in 15 minutes.

Why we’re just dealing with this bedtime thing now is a story for another time, but I will not let him cry and hyperventilate himself to sleep. I don’t think that’s a good way to end your day.

I’m not one of those types who will say no a million times to something then yes. In fact, I pride myself on being strong. However, this is not the way I want bedtime to go in our house. So, I’m not going to start him alone in his room then go in. I know that’ll prolong the crying until I go in. I’m just going to start out in there.

I like spending that time with him, rubbing his back, having a little conversation at first about his day and the next, listening to music, etc. It’s good. He goes to sleep. I don’t even mind that I may have to do this for many, many years or the hours it may take some days to get him off to sleep. It’s worth it to me. There’s nothing else I need to do at that time than ensure he calmly drifts off to dreamland.

Erin Hill is a ErinHillfirst-time mom to Lincoln, who was born in January 2010. She's learning as she goes and is experiencing everything a new mom goes through while seeing the humor, irony, and enjoyment in her adventures.

Erin is a full-time technical writer, a freelancer for Patch, and co-creator and blogger at She lives in Plum with Lincoln, her husband, Adam, their dog, Roxie, and five (yes, five) cats, Nirvana, Gary Roberts, Elvis, Talbot and Forrest. (Anyone want a cat?)


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