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Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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Like most new parents, when Lincoln was a baby, we took a lot of pictures of him. He’d just sit there, being cute and “pose.” We have so many cute pictures.

These days, I get five to 10 a week on my iPhone and most are blurry.

He’s two, almost three, and doesn’t sit still. He makes funny faces and does an immeasurable about of picture-worthy things, but doesn’t hold anything long enough for me to capture it forever on my Canon. Also, when we’re participating in something monumental, like trick-or-treating, or at and event or something like that, I’d like to be there. When I’ve got the camera in my hand and I’m snapping away, I feel like I’m missing something. Maybe I can’t do two things at once like that.

I don’t feel so bad now about this, but will I later?

Recently, I went through my parents’ photo collection. There are significant gaps, both in their lives and the lives of my brother and me. Where are all the Halloweens, the Christmases, the photos of my first bike ride or my brother on the skateboard I remember him loving so much? At first, I was sad. We really had minimal record of things I couldn’t remember.  Then, I thought, we probably don’t have these pictures because my parents were helping us open gifts or waiting to catch me or my brother when we fell.

I look through Facebook and everyone seems to have such nice memories captured that I have maybe three photos of. Theirs are all fancy and look professional and mine are blurry or the back of Linc’s head.

Should I put more effort into taking pictures? Should I not feel like I’m not in the moment being behind the camera? I don’t look at other people and thing they’re missing something taking a million pictures so why do I feel that way about myself?

Do you take a lot of pictures?

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