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Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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“Is Lincoln allowed to have juice?” asked the daycare teacher his second day of school.

“I…um…well,” I fumbled. “He…uh…we…uh.”

(Hint: The answer is a solid ‘No,’ and I knew it.)

The day before I tried to explain to a different teacher that he’s to eat the breakfast and lunch I packed and not buy their lunch.

“Oh. Is he allergic to a lot?” the teacher asked.

“No, I just…um…” I stuttered.

“Then he’s picky,” she insisted.

“Um. Nope,” I said adding, “but I am.”

I felt like such a snob.

Why is it so difficult to grasp that I want my child to bring his lunch to school? What’s the big damn deal?! I’ve asked ALL of his new teachers if it’s an inconvenience – to which they said no. I’ve made it as easy as possible to give him – I’ve written everything down and the most complicated task is heating something up once in a while.  However, every day this week my husband or I have been asked something about his food or beverage intake, to which we answer, and then get the “what-a bunch-of-weirdoes look.”

It is our decision to give Linc the best possible fuel we can. We’re not an organic-only family or, by any means, a no-sweets one, but I’d like at least 80 percent of what goes in my boy to be wholesome and nutritious. His body is doing crazy good things. He needs the stuff that comes from a good diet.

While visiting potential new daycares, one of the first questions I asked was about Linc bringing his lunch. Most didn’t have a problem with it, including the one we picked, but one said it was not an option. He had to buy. So, that one was crossed off the list just because of that. It was a very nice school other than that.

Disagree or call me weird or crazy all you want, but I do not want the crap that is the majority of school lunches in my boy. I know what’s in them. I also know what’s in my food because I make most of it from scratch. My food wins!

I could go on and on (and on and on and on) about this topic, but I’ll just close by saying Linc’s diet is one of my top priorities. I’m not crazy about it. I’m smart and educated. I don’t stress about it to make him go crazy or have the potential to have anxiety attacks when he gets older about his dinner. I just want to make sure that while I’ve got him, I’m feeding him good so he can grow up strong (and get drunk every weekend on cheap beer at college where I can’t make sure he’s getting in his whole grains and veggies).


Erin Hill is a first-time mom to Lincoln, who was born in January 2010. She's learning as she goes and is experiencing everything a new mom goes through while seeing the humor, irony, and enjoyment in her adventures.

Erin is a full-time technical writer and features freelance writer in her "spare time." She lives in Plum with Lincoln, her husband, Adam, their dog, Roxie, and five (yes, five) cats, Nirvana, Gary Roberts, Elvis, Talbot and Forrest.

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