A New Christmas List

Written by Joline Atkins. Posted in Carpool Lane

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We seem to have surpassed THAT age.

The age of toys.

I am elated.

My kids, 11 and 7, still play with Playmobile, of which they have a ton. They still play with swords. And legos - somewhat. We have ample board games. But gone are the days of transformers, and electronic toys, and wandering the aisles at Toys R Us. We've gone through the Thomas stage, the Tonka stage, the Bakugon stage.  In truth, I left Toys R Us for our local toy store a few years ago, only, there is nothing on their lists this year that even has me entering those once hallowed halls.

My daughter asked for Wii games. Our Will died suddenly over a year ago, at which time we donated our games to a local community center. But,  we've agreed to a new Wii for the long winter months and slumber parties - Just Dance is a NECESSITY for 11-12 year old girls. And, surprisingly, 7-8 year old boys. She's also asked for archery lessons, some iTunes mula, a few ski caps (she adores them), and a bike. As for Zane? Here's his letter to Santa written in school as an exercise in learning how to write letters:

Dear Santa Clause,

How is Dasher? I'm doing good. So anyway, I would really want an iPod case and a stuffed lion. I would also like Mario Party 8. Thank you. Love, Zane.

I have purchased a family night of bowling, snow tubing, and laser tag outings for the all of us. I have posted the grandparents on the Wii-front. They are united and strong. Harper's ski-cap is tucked away. I have stashed some art stuff for Zane under the bed. I am currently looking into family archery lessons, and am already rewarding Harper with iTunes $$$ for "work well done", 'cause 6th grade is kicking her patootie. Yes, Zane needs another lion (I mean he only has 16 . . . ) and his iPod case I am able to get for free at Radio Shack. As for a bike. Yep - we'll hold that back for a birthday.

So, I think that means . . . um . . . I'm done.

That's crazy.

And freeing.

And a relief.

I feel like we've graduated from something - to something else.

How old are your kids? What's on their list this year?


Joline Pinto Atkins is an actress who also uses the web as her world-wide stage and can also be found writing at The Cuppa Jo, and is the founder and a contributor at Daily Fast Fuel and the newly debuted SlimSavers.com. Joline is wife to one (phew - that's good to know) and mother of two amazing children, aged 11 and 7, who are both named after authors. Addicted to fitness, she is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and sweats out any daily angst by exercising and P90X'ing, and longs for good books, vats of coffee, and an endless supply of buffalo wings - which she will not share with you. So, please, do not ask. 

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